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Why use Freehill Craughwell Solicitors LLP?

With a proven track record achieved over 20 years Finola Freehill uses a wide and diverse range of experts to work with you to ensure all aspects of your claim is considered and the value of your claim is maximised.


No case is too small.  Over the last 20 years Finola Freehill has successfully managed claims ranging from €10,000 to over €1 Million.


What types of injuries Qualify?

·         Road Traffic Accidents;

·         Accidents in public, private  or work places;

·         Health & Safety accidents (trips and spills).

What is the process?

Under the Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act 2003, anyone intending to seek compensation for a Personal Injury (other than a personal injury arising out of medical negligence) must make an Application to InjuriesBoard.ie, previously known as PIAB.  The process is designed to work as follows:

  • Claim is submitted to Injuries Board.
  • Injuries Board issue a Formal Notice of the Claim to the Respondent.
  • If the Respondent refuses to consent then an authorisation is issued from the Injuries Board which allows the claimant to proceed with their court summons.
  • If the Respondent consents to an Injuries Board assessment then the Injuries Board arrange an Independent Medical Examination to assess the pain, suffering and expense incurred by the injured party.
  • Assessment is made and Claimant and Respondent are notified of assessment i.e. level of compensation being awarded.
  • Both parties accept the assessment and InjuriesBoard.ie issues an Order to Pay and a cheque issues shortly thereafter.
  •  If neither party accepts the assessment, the authorisation then issues and the claimant is allowed to proceed with their court summons.   
How we ensure your claim is maximised?

You have two years from the date of the accident to make a claim.    You are encouraged not to delay with your claim.    However, this should be balanced by not making a claim until the full extent of your injuries and any associated complications are fully known.  This will ensure the full extent of your injuries and impact on your health will be diagnosed.

We will use our own independent panel of expert advisors to ensure the impact of your injuries are quantified.

What to do next

Please call Finola Freehill on 0404 64968 to arrange an initial interview in our Wicklow offices.

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