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What is medical negligence?


Medical negligence is when a health care professional fails to act in accordance with best practice as accepted by skilled medical practitioners.


How is medical negligence established and proved?

As to whether there is medical negligence or not is established by obtaining medical reports from skilled medical experts in the area of expertise to confirm that the health care professional failed to act in accordance with established best practice at the time of the medical negligence.   The second function of the medical report is to confirm that the failure to act in accordance with best practice has caused the consequent injuries to the patient.

Your medical records are sent to the experts seeking their opinion.  The expert may often wish to consult with client prior to the expert issuing his report.

What happens then?

Once these two sets of reports are obtained then one can issue medical negligence action against the health care professional/hospital.  

What is the typical time period?

You have two years from the date of knowledge of the injuries in which to act .  if you fail to issue court proceedings within that two year period you could be statute barred.  It is essential that you take advice from a medical negligence solicitor.


When you call us, you will be put through to a solicitor who is very experienced in medical negligence.     We will listen to with complete confidentiality.   We will make recommendations as soon as possible.

If you have genuine concerns about a medical intervention please contact our office for an informal chat.